Company Members

Marc Beaudin (Artistic Director, Founding Member)
A founder and former artistic director of both the 303 Collective (a radical theatre and arts group) and CAGE (a non-profit gallery, performance space and arts education center), Marc has also worked as a director, scenic designer, technical director and/or actor for over a dozen companies and more than 50 productions. Directing highlights include Amadeus, The Exonerated, Macbeth, Fear & Misery of the Third Reich, and The Women of Lockerbie, among others. His original plays Frankenstein, Inc., Little Shop of Whores, Nighttown Suidae and several short pieces have been produced in Michigan, Montana and Minneapolis. Acting credits include “Pale” in Burn This, “Mark Rothko” in Red, “Capulet” in Romeo & Juliet, “The Third Man” in The Baltimore Waltz and others. He is a co-owner of Elk River Books and the poetry editor for CounterPunch. His website is

Bret Kinslow (Founding Member)
Having received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Literature, and working toward his Master’s of Arts, in English Literature at Montana State University Bozeman (both focused in English Literature of the 17th and 18th century), Bret’s acquaintance with notions dramaturgical has long been more than casual — though generally not quite professional either. Bret has participated in a number of theater productions in the Livingston community, but was always particularly enamored of Shakespeare. Bret’s other interests include composition (which he briefly taught at MSU), conversating, eccentricity, lampposts, and exercising a general air of humility and self-deprecation — though he sometimes has difficulty escaping being a bit pretentious at the same time. If you’d like to read more (as he has tricked you, and written this biological blurb himself) of his generally humorous, if not slightly self-indulgent, writing… a good place to go would be:

Sherry Pikul (Founding Member)
A graduate of Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts, Sherry was a director during the 2012 Livingston 10-Minute Play Festival and a performer in Nighttown Suidae (2012, 2013, 2014). Sherry performed in The Grapes of Wrath at the Shane Center for the Arts and was most recently seen in Chekov’s Squirt Gun performed at the Blue Slipper Theatre. Sherry is happily married to her partner-in-crime, Tom Baskett. They have three children.

Aaron Schuerr (Founding Member)
Acting credits include “Renfield” in Dracula, “Leopold Bloom” in Nighttown Suidae (2012, 2013), “Friar Lawrence” in Romeo & Juliet, “Ken” in Red and others. He is also an award-winning landscape artist. His website is

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