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We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the Buckhorn Theatre for our production of Christopher Shinn’s incredible play, Dying City. As I say in the director’s note: the art of theatre exists not on the stage but in the moment of connection and communication between actors and audience. Thank you for making art possible.

Here’s the full director’s note and a note on the set design.

We were humbled by the fantastic feedback we read and heard from you. Theatre is a community – we depend on you as much as you depend on us to make it possible. Here’s a sampling:


Amazing show! A very moving, thought-provoking production.

“Phenomenal!! This is a must see for any serious theater buff, as well as anyone looking to immerse themselves in the thoughtful, intense unfolding of a story. Caldera is staking an important claim on modern theater for our savvy town and region. Go!!

“Saw this play last night – twists and turns you’d never imagine – it’s a good one and very good acting.

“Sherry Pikul and Aaron Schuerr are absolutely amazing in this!!!!!!!! This play is heavy duty…think Greek Tragedy meets Tarantino takes truth serum and reads all your letters and feeds it back to you replete with laughter that you may regret …or not? One thing you CAN know is that you have been served an amazing meal. Do yourself a favor … go see this one.

“Beautifully well-acted, written and directed!

“Livingston/Bozeman peeps: Don’t miss this superb production of Dying City. The story is powerful (Tennessee Williams meets the Iraq War), the acting phenomenal, and everything about this play makes it worth your time. To have this kind of amazing theater production in lil’ ol’ Livingston, well that’s icing on the cake.

“An amazing play to go ahead and check out if any of you theater lovers are looking for a piece of artwork that will have you laughing, crying, and questioning your loyalties as audience member to a cast full of complicated characters. A short yet intense emotional ride, this Caldera show is a raw look at the emotion of human interaction. Go out and fill their theater!!”